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Jericho by Leormon Jericho :iconleormon:Leormon 0 1 :Filter: by Leormon :Filter: :iconleormon:Leormon 1 4
The Hungerstuck Games - Chap 2 - District 9
"Hah, bitches!" Roxy giggled and stumbled forward, catching herself on the microphone stand. "Tell those Careers they can kiss my shiny pink ass!" she called over her shoulder to her District's presenter.
Gamzee Makara, the other Tribute, watched this with glazed eyes and a wide grin. He was glad he had been picked for the Games. District 9 bored him to tears, so he had started smoking the weeds that grew in between the grain the District harvested. Roxy herself was addicted to the special beer made of grain too spoiled to be used for bread. In a way, they were made for each other. He chuckled at the thought.
Roxy, having been pulled down into her seat by the mayor, was now making faces behind Tisna, the presenter, as she finished her speech. While a few audience members smiled nervously, most were too scared of the Peacekeepers scattered at random intervals throughout the crowd. She soon grew bored with this and proceeded to moo occasionally, earning her several loathing glares from T
:iconleormon:Leormon 7 2
The Hungerstuck Games - Chap 1 - District 4
"Welcome to the One Hundred Seventy-Fifth Hunger Games – the seventh Quarter Quell!" The presenter, scary thin, a mad glint in her eyes, and skin dyed a horrifying shade of red, spread her arms wide open to the crowd and flashed a chilling smile. Eridan Ampora, one possible Tribute out of hundreds, had to bite his tongue to keep from snickering at her ridiculously oversized breasts.
"As you all know, this year's Games must be played by an all-seventeen age group. Pity, those of you who were about to be saved from the entertainment." She winked and laughed hysterically. Reaching into the girl's bucket, she clicked her tongue. "Your District Four female tribute is.." She unfolded the piece of paper in her hand. "Feferi Peixes!"
Eridan looked at the summoned girl in thoughtful silence as the crowd's reaction became a deafening mixture of cheers and boos. Feferi was the Mayor's daughter; a popular, friendly girl. However, up on the makeshift stage, her expression was anything but amia
:iconleormon:Leormon 7 4
New Half-Sona by Leormon New Half-Sona :iconleormon:Leormon 2 0 Pounce De Leon - Nepeta Leijon by Leormon Pounce De Leon - Nepeta Leijon :iconleormon:Leormon 1 0 Ink - Lion King by Leormon Ink - Lion King :iconleormon:Leormon 2 2 Ink - Icon by Leormon Ink - Icon :iconleormon:Leormon 0 0
Chapter 2: Quantico
"You go by Ink, then?"
I smiled thinly at the man in front of me, looking over my papers. He was young, 33 or 34, but seemed old beyond that. Cliché, yes, but surprisingly fitting.
"Yes sir. Ashton Linkin. Ink for short."
Aaron Hotchner nodded, preoccupied with my resume. I knew I'd get in though; Urael never failed.  He probably went and downloaded old FBI profiles and changed just a few things around. I don't know how the moron did that. I couldn't even do it and I'd been living inside a computer for four years before anyone got me out. The man in front of me cleared his throat and I jumped.
"You went to M.I.T.?"
"Yes sir. Graduated top of my class."
"In the same year as—"
"Spencer Reid, yes. Would you believe I've been in the same school as him since high school?" I chuckled quietly. Hotchner eyed me suspiciously. He glanced back down at my resume. With a sigh, he got up and motioned for me to follow. I trailed him to the main room of the headquarters where peopl
:iconleormon:Leormon 1 1
Chapter 1: All Your Base
"Why are we doing this?"
Urael glanced at me and sighed, running his hand through his hair.
"Because Oberon is a moron, a klutz, an idiot, et cetera, you get the idea. He released some of those Wylers into... other areas, and we need to clean them up. Well, specifically, you need to clean his mess. And you're really the only one who can survive this machine here." He patted the CPU fondly. Geek. I shook my head in disbelief.
"Only one? How would you know?"
"Because you were the one born in a computer." Urael chuckled lightly and shoved a sort of helmet onto my head. I rubbed the tattoo on my hand absentmindedly and glared at him.
"So where am I going?" I asked, keeping my voice casual. Yeah, I was scared. I hadn't touched anything with an Internet connection in over two years. Not since Chernobyl had been sucked up right into a Mac. Urael, the bipolar idiot, glanced at his list and smiled warmly. He pulled a map out of his pocket (What. The. Hell. Who keeps a map in their
:iconleormon:Leormon 0 0
One More Song - Ch. 1
OMS - 1
"Come on, Remix. I gotta be there in fifteen minutes."
"Coming, sis! Just gotta feed Toaster!"
Remix opened the fishtank, throwing algae tablets in for the plecostuma.
After carefully making sure the fish was set, she trotted after Scratch. She looked around, wide-eyed as a filly. This was her first time in Ponyville, not counting moving furniture in and out of their house a few days ago, and everywhere there was color and life. Vendors sold flowers and fruit in stalls while other ponies dined outside the cafe. A trio of fillies zoomed by on a scooter, deeply intent on...something.
"Hey, Remix, let's GO!"
The plum colored pony huffed in annoyance. This was a new town, a slate wiped clean!
"We've only been here a week. How do you have a gig already?"
Vinyl Scratch smiled wearily.
"I DID have appointments lined up before we moved, you know. I canceled everything that was too far away-you saw me do that. But would it make sense to not do anything in the town we were moving to?"
:iconleormon:Leormon 2 17
One More Song - Prolouge
"Hey Scratch!"
"Yo DJ!"
"Playin' tonight?"
Everywhere the white pony went, similar questions followed. Vinyl Scratch - or as some call her, DJ P0N-3 - was known as the best disc jockey this side of Fillydelphia, and she lived up to expectations. Her appearances at venues as big as the Grand Galloping Gala were full of her trademark beats.
Her younger sister, however, felt lost in Scratch's shadow. A deep purple coat highlighted with a white mane and golden eyes made some wonder how she could be that closely related to her sister's snow white fur and neon blue mane. Believe it or not, it was the truth.
When she was born, her mother thought that she might have some musical talent, therefore naming her Remix. Thus far, the only gift Remix seems to have is ignoring the world through her cd player, even though that actually gave her Cutie Mark to her, a pair of black headphones.
Only two years younger than Scratch, Remix has grown tired of always being second best. She yearns for finally do
:iconleormon:Leormon 5 11
Chitterkat Meme by Leormon Chitterkat Meme :iconleormon:Leormon 1 8 Thrax - Archen by Leormon Thrax - Archen :iconleormon:Leormon 0 2 Merry Easter, Nub by Leormon Merry Easter, Nub :iconleormon:Leormon 1 6 Villain Meme by Leormon Villain Meme :iconleormon:Leormon 9 13


Cataphant :D by kateNitaly Cataphant :D :iconkatenitaly:kateNitaly 2 0 Myo by kateNitaly Myo :iconkatenitaly:kateNitaly 2 1 Late Halloween Picture ouo by RiTheDragon Late Halloween Picture ouo :iconrithedragon:RiTheDragon 3 4 mr sandman by Twylluan mr sandman :icontwylluan:Twylluan 30 1 The Ice-Wizard Equation, Part 1 by angelblood The Ice-Wizard Equation, Part 1 :iconangelblood:angelblood 306 69 Everybody Needs a Guardian by SparkleWolf7000 Everybody Needs a Guardian :iconsparklewolf7000:SparkleWolf7000 1,147 157 Anatomy tutorial for beginners by RyMantys Anatomy tutorial for beginners :iconrymantys:RyMantys 3,291 240 Tavros John by Kanda3egle Tavros John :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 1,401 90 A new born friendship by Jabbym A new born friendship :iconjabbym:Jabbym 130 143 Homestuck roles meme by Chivi-chivik Homestuck roles meme :iconchivi-chivik:Chivi-chivik 315 60 SUPER-SMASH-HETALIA by Battagua SUPER-SMASH-HETALIA :iconbattagua:Battagua 17 5 Birthday Picture for my Friend Dodo by Netsubo Birthday Picture for my Friend Dodo :iconnetsubo:Netsubo 1 4 Slender  - Scary Ned by IsisMasshiro Slender - Scary Ned :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 2,694 626 Glydia by LoneVarg Glydia :iconlonevarg:LoneVarg 4 0
Rex Duodecim Angelus (Not mine!)
By Malcom Brown (features themes from the album 'Alternia' by Toby "Radiation" Fox and Horschestra by Alexander Rosetti)
(Final Battle Against the Black King)
Or "King of the Twelve Angels" in Google Translator Latin.
This was designed as music for the EPIC yet only hinted at battle between the Black King and the Trolls at the end of their game. Rather than making it a fast-paced action-centric doom-fest, it ended up more like some kind of apocalyptic dance number: The Trolls, despite going against fairly tough odds, all banded together under Karkat's leadership into a well oiled, tactical nuclear force that managed to overcome the Black King and beat the game.
It is, along with the unique 'Black King's Theme', more or less a combination of various Troll themes arranged in order of attack. It's probably easier to just explain what's going on where:
0:00 - We start with the Black King's introduction, Aradiabots from doomed timelines teleporting in and assembling, the reckoning beginning
:iconkarkat-cherryblood-v:Karkat-CherryBlood-V 10 0
Dodo. by LoneVarg Dodo. :iconlonevarg:LoneVarg 1 0
Only because they're awesome.



Phobia, Olivia, Dodo, Ink
United States
Shit I haven't updated this in two years what the fuck.

Current Residence: Anywhere but here
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Favourite style of art: Anime • Cel-Shaded
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch • Phillips GoGear Vibe
Shell of choice: Oyster
Wallpaper of choice: RoChu
Skin of choice: Troll
Favourite cartoon character: Russia • Thrax • Marceline
Personal Quote: It's not whether you win or lose it's.... Yeah, no, winning is what it's all about.
  • Listening to: Drive By - Train
  • Reading: Textbooks
  • Watching: Oprah and Elie Wiesel 8C
  • Playing: Res
  • Eating: Ham
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew~<3
Of awesome. :D

Totes got my laptop back; expect new art shortly~


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